Multiple perspective

With Rancière we affirm the equality of all intelligences and how these equal intelligences interact through translation and counter-translation. "Emancipation, on the other hand, begins when the opposition between looking and acting is questioned again, when it is understood that the evidence that structures in this way the very relations of saying, seeing and doing belong to the structure of domination and subjection. It begins when one understands that looking is also an action that confirms or transforms this distribution of positions. The spectator also acts [...] He composes his own poem with the elements of the poem in front of him. He participates in the performance by remaking it in his own way". (Jacques Rancière, The Emancipated Spectator)

Choreography: Gari Batet
Music: Carlos Pina
Director: Carlos Pina and Gari Batet Edition: Carlos Pina
With the collaboration of Ajuntament de Cardedeu | Regidoria de cultura i comunicació.