Gari Batet (1999, Barcelona)

Pronouns: he / they
Performer and visual artist

Art has always been the space where I have been able to express my concerns and project my oddities. I have dedicated myself to exploring different disciplines, such as dance and body expression, artistic photography, writing and, above all, performance. During these last years I have participated and collaborated in different artistic projects that have given me a lot of professional experience and that have provided me with very useful tools to build my personal and artistic identity.

Artistic career

In 2009 I worked as an extra in the opera Turandot at the Gran Teatre del Liceu; an experience which marked the beginning of my artistic career and which allowed me to acquire many professional skills from a very young age.

Between 2009 and 2016 I trained in different disciplines (classical and contemporary dance and circus), I acquired the Intermediate certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance and I was member of the Companyia de ballet de Catalunya. In 2015 I had the pleasure of choreographing and perform a contemporary dance duo with the dancer Jaume Ruiz

Between 2017 and 2018 I collaborated with Irene del Real Photography on several black and white photography art projects using urban spaces as the main stage. The decadence, spirituality, the use of the body as a canvas and the exploration of underground culture are the main focus and link the different works we have carried out. During this period I also worked with Jordi Manosa for various photography projects related to dance and functional diversity.

In 2018 I collaborated with Xavier Dua in the performance Invisible presented at the Museo Neomudejar of Madrid during the Jornadas Cojas, Transfeministas y Otras Rarezas. At the same time, I took part in the workshop of the Caldera of inclusive dance of the dancer Jordi Cortés and I participated in the show Caravasar, directed by Jordi Cortés, presented at the Institut del Teatre during the festival Grec of dance in Barcelona. I also participated in the video clip La última atrocidad of the singer Nacho Vegas.

In 2019 I began to write micro-stories and poetry that were both vindictive and transfeminist, which, from comparisons, metaphors and personifications of inanimate objects, deal with very diverse themes, such as gender dysphoria, mental health, non-normative beauties, character ephemeral of life and vaginal candidiasis.

Currently, I am part of La Marca, founded in 2019 with Carlos Pina, and I am dedicated especially to performance and visual art.