La marca is the name of the work of Gari Batet and Carlos Pina, two artists of different origins and generations.

Gari Batet (Barcelona 1999). Writer, dancer and feminist performer based on the exploration and manifestation of the depth of identity beyond the established social canon. She has participated in various visual art projects related to the vindication of functional, sexual and gender diversity. He writes micro stories, narrative and poetry made up of sharp and thought-provoking ideas that reveal her desire to create a creative world free from prejudice, abuse and inequality.

Carlos Pina (Barcelona 1962). Musician, performer and visual artist. He has performed more than 80 performances in Europe, America and Asia. The central axis of his work is the politicisation of the own life, dealing with themes that range from the therapy to the immediate environment, going through the personal and collective memory and the historical and geopolitical global framework. The contextualisation of action is part of the work itself. In the present day, he works around the politicisation of the body, both in performance and in video.